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Nicole: Haai, I’m Nicole! I’m 17 and from Massachusetts. My boyfriend’s name is Gerard, he’s 17 and he’s from Australia. We’ve been dating since May 29th, 2009. We haven’t been able to meet yet but we’re hoping to for the first time sometime soon. I love hearing other people’s stories about their LDR. I find it amazing to know what other peoples relationships are like.
My personal tumblr: http://distanthearts-.tumblr.com Feel free to follow<3 

Shay: Why helllo Loves. (: I’m Shay! I’m young-ish. Yeah. My boyfriends names Draevyn! So’s he(: Lol! I’m from Oklahoma. He’s a few states over. That’s wayyy closer then ^^ Australia and Massachusetts. But still, it’s hard, but I know, theirs has GOT to be harder. We’ve been “talking” since May 2010. We started Officialy! dating December 18th.We met for the very first time, literally, yesterday<3 Talk to us, about anything ya’ll need about Long Distance Relationships, we’d love to hear your guys’s stories!http://rainbowthesunray.tumblr.com « My personal. Check it out, if ya wanna(:

Sorry for the realllly long about me. .

RaeJeana: I’m an 18-year-old bleeding heart from Florida, and I’ve been in a relationship with a beautiful boy since March 1, 2008. I’m in love with the world and I love listening to stories, all sorts. <3 http://sincerelyraejeana.tumblr.com

Rachel: Hai :} I’m Rachel. 18 years old. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life. My ex boyfriend lived in Texas, we were on & off for about 2 years, and we were “dating” before we were officially dating. I’m not sure what to say about my relationship right now. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of going on 2 years soon. He’s in Texas right now as well, in the air force.

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